Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Make More Room

The last couple of weeks have been very busy for me and I’ve been on the road / in the air more than my normal travel schedule. I’m writing this on my way back from one of such travels.

I was just thinking about my wife and the bliss we have enjoyed over the years. We are not a perfect couple. We’ve had our share of challenges - but they’ve been very few and very far apart. There are “rooms” in and around 'our house' that we’ve paid attention to that I’d like to share briefly on the things that have helped. May I?

The Upper room: Spiritual Connection

In my opinion, this is the room mostly neglected by couples. The busy schedules of life take a toll and they don’t have time to connect with God on a regular basis, first as individuals and then as a couple.  I know of no faster way to drift apart than this! Read this slowly and carefully - Your personal intimacy with God will overflow into your shared intimacy with your partner. Your commitment to developing a personal relationship with God is the greatest investment in your marriage. The love of God cannot be overflowing in your heart and not flow to your spouse. When the love of God is shed abroad in your heart, it overflows to others.

Not only do I encourage a personal connection with God, but I also recommend you both do so on a regular basis. At least once a week (ideally more), pray together with your spouse. Study the word of God together. Listen to a message together. Share new learnings from the Bible and from books you are reading. Share a prayer point and agree together in prayer. You’d be amazed at the power you both bring - Together.

The Ballroom: Emotional/ Romantic Connection

This is a very important part of fueling the marital passion. It speaks of showing love, care, and attention to your spouse in the way to want to be loved. A ballroom is a place of fun. Have fun with your spouse. When last did you both really laugh out loud together? Don’t be too serious with your spouse all the time. Everything can’t be about planning, balancing accounts, and talking about the future or about the kids! Enjoy the moment together. Enjoy today’s sunshine while you prepare for tomorrow’s rain. Take your wife out to see a movie or on a date night. Follow your husband to watch his favorite sport. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It just has to be romantic and fun!

Please make it a priority to be mindful of your spouses’ emotional well-being. Emotional intimacy can be experienced in shared fun, daily love-communicating behaviors, weekly interactive date nights to keep knowing one another, and expressing affirmations for how you serve one other. Speak your spouse’s love language while communicating love.

For the guys especially, please pay attention to talk time. Find time during the day to listen (in order to understand thoughts and feelings, and not to proffer solutions) to your wife. Pay full attention and get rid of all distractions ( phones for example). Try investing 30 mins at least 3 times in a week to doing this, and you’d thank me later.

The Boardroom - “Brainpower” Connection

The boardroom is where important business decisions are made. It’s a place where your mind and brainpower are utilized. It’s common to see couples drifting apart mentally. While one is developing his/ her mind, the other is lagging way behind. This soon causes a problem as they are on different reasoning wavelength. I encourage couples to devote time together for problem-solving. Look at your financial goals together and “think through” possible solutions. There is a connection that comes from solving problems together. Don’t underestimate the brain power of your spouse and if you have reasons to, then, you’ve got work to do - help them develop and improve it!

When you work together this way, you are combining strong analytic and logical reasoning, spiced with “gut feel” and heart. It’s a winning combination. Please remember that you are a team, not competitors.

The Bedroom - Intimacy Connection

I have deliberately put this last. This is the place of physical and sexual intimacy with your spouse and it’s an awesome room, with tremendous power. Sexual intimacy is something God designed for marriages - yours inclusive. You are to derive joy and pleasure from it.

Someone said that a good marriage is a friendship with a lot of passion. I believe him. One of the major casualties of the harried pace of modern marriage is the loss of sexual intimacy. It is too high a price to pay, honestly.

“The marriage bed must be a place of mutuality, the husband seeking to satisfy his wife, the wife seeking to satisfy her husband. Marriage is not a place to stand up for your rights. Marriage is a decision to serve the other, whether in bed or out." 1 Cor 7:3 MSG
Maintaining your physical connection gives your marriage staying power and protects it from the stresses of life. Create time either spontaneously or planned, to follow through with regular sex and intimacy. Your sexual relationship should be a tension reducer, not a tension producer.

One of the problems I have seen here is selfishness. When a spouse is just thinking of his/ her own needs without due consideration for the needs of the other, then sexual intimacy becomes a drag and at best a matter of duty. This takes away the shine. When done with a selfless attitude, with the aim of pleasuring the other party, pleasure eventually comes to you as well.

Pay great attention to this room, and “decorate” it with all manners of ornaments. Be creative with it, and seek for continuous improvement. Be open-minded and willing to learn, especially from your spouse.

It is my prayer and desire that you’d make more room in the coming days and months for the things that will make your marriage and home much better.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Running On Empty - Part II

It is very embarrassing to run out of gas, isn’t it? Those that have had this experience can testify. The interesting thing is that it is a more common phenomenon than you would ordinarily expect. We spend a lot of time and energy focusing on avoiding other serious car problems, while not paying attention to something as simple as fueling up. It should be basic, but our generation doesn’t pay attention to the basics, or do we?

In my last post, I started sharing about the reasons why people run out of gas – drawing and analogy between running out of gas in your car, and running out of gas in every aspect of your life – spiritually, mentally, financially, martially and otherwise. I encourage you to read the details of the 1st four reasons that we discussed, and then I will share a few more.

1.       Not Starting Out with a Full Tank
2.       Being too busy to pause and refill.
3.       Unaware of hidden leaks that drains the tank.
4.       Ignoring the manufacturer’s manual and pushing farther than design.

5.       Being Distracted and not paying attention to the gauges

This is also a common reason why people run out of gas. Sometimes, you are distracted by other things and other priorities, and you take your eye off the gauge.  Even though the gauge is already showing warning signs, you are oblivious to it. You are not paying attention to these signals as you haven’t even noticed them in the 1st place. There are loads of signals that God has placed at our disposal to know when you need to refuel. Do you know that lack of sleep/ insomnia could be a signal that something is wrong somewhere? Irritability is for sure a signal that you are approaching a “red” emotionally. Debt is a subtle signal that you might need to refuel financially. Short temper, especially with your spouse is a signal that a refill is needed. Pain is a signal – a warning that somethings needs correction. Don’t be too distracted to pay attention to these signals.

6.       Being Overloaded – carrying too much weight.

Do you know that a car consumes more gas when it carries heavier weight than normal? The same is true about you. You need to evaluate your loads and your limits as soon as possible. You might be running on empty because you are carrying too much load than necessary.

I realized a couple of years ago that I cannot meet everyone’s needs. My name is not, and will never be “Elshaddai”! Only God is. While I try to help as many people as possible, I am careful not to take on too much load than I can bear. And you should too. I know a couple of marriages running on empty because each of the spouse is carrying too much load from family. People are sending their kids to schools that they cannot afford, and this puts financial load on them. Pay attention to your load, and if your feel overloaded, you need to shed some loads off you as soon as possible.

7.       Rapid Acceleration

Acceleration is great, but sudden/rapid acceleration can cause you to burn more gas than necessary. Have you noticed anyone by the traffic light revving their car engines while waiting for the light to turn green? What went through your mind when that happens? He/ She is burning gas without much motion to show for it. Right?

There is heavy pressure in our world – pressure to do it NOW! It is the world of instants – instant coffee, instant success, instant money, instant marriages, instant communication etc. With this pressure comes the perceived need to accelerate. Sometimes, it is important to stay still, to stay calm and to be at rest. In an age of acceleration, nothing can be more exhilarating than going slow. In an age of distraction, nothing is so luxurious than paying attention. In an age of constant movement, nothing is as urgent as staying still. Think about that.

8.       Having No Margin

The last time I almost ran out of gas in my car, I believe it was because I didn’t have any margin. Let me explain. I was driving with my wife for a program and we left home a little later than planned (please don’t ask me why). So, we had “just enough” time to make it on time for the program. I noticed that we were low on gas, but I was in a hurry and I planned to refill when we were close to the venue of the program. I had it all figured out. The only problem was that I didn’t build any margin/ buffer. Life being life, we ran into traffic and then the gauge went on “red”! I’d let you imagine the rest.

The point I am trying to make here is this – you need to build margins in every aspect of your life. Some of you need financial margins. Today you are living from one paycheck to another, without any savings! You are living on the edge my friend. When unplanned events happen, you will run out of gas. When was the last time you spent quality time with your spouse, away from any form of distraction (legitimate or otherwise), and filling his/her emotional tank? Any wonder that tiny issues suddenly become mountains?

Margin is the difference between your load and your limits. It is therefore very straightforward to say that there are 2 ways to create more margin for yourself – it is either you reduce your load or you develop your limits. I will leave this discussion till another time.
“Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.” Mathew 11:28-30 MSG
So, where are you dear friend? How close are you to running on empty? Or have you been on empty for a while now? What is draining you? What is distracting you from the things that matter? Are you even too busy to care? I suggest you start by getting a refill – and what better place to do that than spending time in God’s presence. He will fill you up. He will give you grace to flow in the unforced rhythms of grace. May you find rest!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Running On Empty

Have you ever driven a car that ran out of fuel/gas before? Maybe not. But have you ever been in one? Okay, maybe it didn’t go that bad. But have you ever been close to running out of fuel/gas, where your gauge was already showing the warning signal? If you’ve not been in any of these situations, then, you are indeed out of this world. Maybe you’ve never ran out of gas while driving a car, but what about emotionally? Spiritually? Financially? Maritally? Psychologically? Have you ever experienced what it means to run on empty? If yes, this piece is for you. It is motivated by a message I listened to recently (Saddleback Church) and some studies I have done around that.  

The anxiety and fear that comes with running out (or almost running out) of gas can be palpable. It comes with the attendant frustration, blame game (especially if your wife warned your earlier), and unnecessary delays that could have (and should have) been avoided. This is as true for a car as it is for life generally. In our fast-paced world, many people are consistently running out of gas. I realize that this is even becoming the default mode for several people – they only try to refuel when they are almost/ already out of gas. I guarantee you that this is NOT the best way to live.

Let me draw a parallel between running out of fuel/gas in your car, and running out of gas in any aspect of your life. It is critical to understand first why people often run out of gas/ fuel and then to highlight the watch outs to prevent it.

So, why do people run out of fuel/gas?

1.  Not Starting Out with a Full Tank

I know people who are painstaking when it comes to filling up their tanks. They generally have a rule that they follow strictly and that works. For example, some never go beyond half tank before they refill. It’s their strategy to prevent them from ever being in a situation where they are out of gas. I believe it is a good strategy. What strategy have you put in place to refuel on a consistent basis? Starting out your day in God’s presence (in prayer and meditation) is a fantastic way to refuel and stay “full”. Taking time out on a consistent basis to rest/relax is not just a luxury – it is a STOP to “fuel up”. I suggest that you do something special with/to your spouse every single day to refill your love tank. Don’t wait until the warning signals come before you start looking for a filling station.

2.  Being too busy to pause and refill.

In our busy world, this is a major one. You can face the dilemma of running out of fuel, not because you were lazy or sloppy, but because you were too busy to pause! You’ve got the kids to worry about, rent is there to be paid, family commitments are there, and the list is endless. These legitimate things cause you to be too busy – too busy to pray, too busy to spend time with those you love, too busy to volunteer for a cause. Little wonder that your emotional tank is already on “red” alert.

3.  Unaware of hidden leaks that drains the tank.

This one is a classic. You can fuel up every day for all you care, if there is a leakage in the system, it is a matter of time before you run out of gas. The wise thing to do is to fix the leakage first and then move on. Ask yourself honestly – what is draining me financially? What are the things I am spending money on that are not really necessary? Why am I emotionally drained? I know of two broad drain pipes that I want to bring your attention to – Responsibilities and Relationships. Be aware. Be on the lookout for relationships that are draining you and avoid them, or fix them. Be sensitive to responsibilities (most of them are legitimate) that are draining your energy and perhaps your time – and causing you to be less than effective. You would need to say NO to these. For some people, it might be things as subtle as watching particular movies, hanging out with particular friends, or devoting time to particular “hobbies”. Do an audit of things that drain you, and have a plan to fix them. You would reduce your chances of running on empty to a great degree.

4. Ignoring the manufacturer’s manual and pushing farther than design.

To the best of my knowledge, every car has a fuel capacity, that can be converted into a certain mileage (all things being equal). This capacity and the corresponding mileage is not the prerogative of the car owner. He has no say in this. This is determined by the manufacturer and is contained in the owner’s manual. It is not subject to the interpretation of the car owner. You ignore it at your peril. Let’s assume that it is a 50 litre capacity tank. The manufacturer had stated that this can cover 10 miles for example. You can’t wake up and start plotting how you’ve use the same fuel to cover 15 miles. Either you limit your trip to 10 miles, or you stop to refuel at some point.

The reason why a lot of people today are running on empty is because they are not following the manufacturer’s manual for living. They are following their own idea for marriage. They want to run their finances using their personal philosophies. For example, the manufacturer recommends a day of rest after every 6 days of work – and obeyed that recommendation himself. Today, people want to work round the clock (to make more money), without obeying the law of Sabbath. I can predict what will happen sooner than later – you will run out of gas and you would become more frustrated. Take marriage as another example. There are foundational laws, clearly called out by the manufacturer of marriage, that makes it work and enjoyable. You will run out of gas when you are trying to “work” it but in your own way, or on your own terms. Quit trying, and follow the manual. You will thank me for it.

To be continued in part 2.....soon.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Birthday Special – The Catalogue of A Hebrew Child

It’s my wife’s birthday today, and it is a VERY significant milestone. She is crossing over the decade line, and to the 4th floor. I am grateful to God for the gift of life, and for the gift of her. As I prepared for this day, I remember something I read/ learnt about a couple of years back. It changed the way I approached things, and I would like to share again on her special day.

Age is an important number that tells you how much you have left. It is both an addition (1 year added to your last years’ age) and a subtraction (1 year subtracted from the reminder!). The truth is that time waits for no man. Today is the 10 years we all spoke about 10 years ago! Yes, it is. It is therefore important to understand that what you do is as important as when you do it. When you see a 70 years old man riding a bicycle, you had better show some concerns. If you are building your first house when you are 80 and it is a 10 room apartment, you may die unnoticed in one of the rooms! No wonder a wise man cried and prayed to God
“ Oh satisfy us early with your mercy, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days” – Psa 90:14
Sometime ago, I stumbled on what in my opinion is one of the greatest secret of the Jewish race. They have a perfect understanding of the times. They are very time conscious. They know that the clock ticks away fast and that they have to do what they have to do on time and in their seasons.  No wonder Jews are very successful everywhere in the world they find themselves. Haven’t you noticed that?

Let me share with you the catalogue of a Hebrew Child

Decade of Learning/ Training
The age 0-10 is the decade of learning. During this period, there is a conscious effort to make the Hebrew child learn and learn and learn again. At about the age of 3, he is practically “deposited” with the Rabbi who teaches him all the laws of Moses by heart. By the time he is 9, a Hebrew child can recite by heart all the laws of Moses. He is already convinced about the reality of His God! It is difficult to bend him again and he knows the Bible inside out.

For parent reading this, I strongly advise that you do your best for your children in this age bracket. Send them to the best schools and invest in their learning. This is the decade that they’ll most likely be shaped. 

Decade of Discovery

Between the ages of 11-20, the Hebrew child starts to discover himself and his special gifting and skills. This is the decade when he begins to ask the question “who am I?”, “what are my special gifting and abilities?” 

Read through one of the greatest catalogue of the Hebrews (the Bible) and you will see most of them asking these questions during this decade. Joseph started to explore his gifts of dreaming when he was 17. He discovered that he had a special ability with dreams. So also was David. At the age of 17, he discovered that he had special organizational abilities. He was tending his fathers’ sheep in readiness to lead God’s people.

If you are reading this and you are still within this age bracket, I challenge to discover yourself and your gifting. This will set you up for success.

Decade of Decision

This perhaps is the most critical decade for everyone. It happens between the age 21 and 30. In this decade, decisions that will affect one’s destiny are taken. You decide where to settle, where to work, where to live, who to marry and the likes. At age 30, Jacob suddenly woke up to reality after serving Laban for years. He asked “When will I be able to provide for my own house?” What a question to ask when you are 30!

You’ll most likely live with the consequences of the decisions you take during this decade. Some will take a decision to do drugs and will surely regret it. Some will go the way of sex and will be most miserable. Some, and I hope this includes you, will make right decisions and will benefit from it in subsequent decades.

Decade of Reigning

Especially when the right decisions are taken in the decade of decisions, this is the decade to reign in whatever area of life one has chosen. This is the decade to make waves – to be known, heard and highly rewarded. Jesus took the world by storm during this decade. 3.5 years into this decade, his fame went abroad! It was the same for David. During this decade, he led God’s people successfully and peacefully. He never lost a single battle. Check most people who are reigning their various fields of endeavor and you’ll see that they fall here, For sure, there would be exceptions.

You know people say that “a fool at 40 is a fool forever”. Of course I do not agree. I will rather say, “a fool at 40 is a fool for as long as he still wants to be a fool”. However, the expectation is that at 40, you should be reigning. If you are not, something may be wrong.

I will stop here for now. I hope to write on the other decades sometime soon, as occasion demands.

Meanwhile, please join me in celebrating my wife and best friend, Olubukola as she clocks 40 today! If an angel is missing in heaven, God would not have to look too far. That angel surely will be in my house. What can I do without you? Thanks for sharing everything with me, including my birthday month. Have a great day today, and a terrific decade ahead! 

You are unstoppable, my sweet darling.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Jesus - In Our Shoes

Several years ago, I read a classic story that reveals clearly the essence of what Jesus Christ, the son of God, did for us on the cross. Over two thousand years after, we still remember and celebrate this day of liberation. Let me share the story of Dr Kane with you.

On February 15, 1921, there was a doctor who performed an appendectomy. He was Dr. Evan O'Neill Kane, who in his over 37-years medical career had performed nearly 4,000 appendectomies, so this surgery was not at all unusual except for two things.

First of all, this was the first time that local anesthesia had ever been used in major surgery. Dr. Kane believed that local anesthesia was safer than putting a patient completely to sleep. Most of his colleagues agreed with him in principle, but they wanted to see first if it would actually work. So Dr. Kane searched for a volunteer, a patient who would be willing to undergo surgery while under local anesthesia. It wasn't easy to find one. Most people are squeamish at the thought of being awake during their own surgery. Others are fearful that the anesthesia might wear off too soon.
"He made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death - even death on a cross!"(Philippians 2:7-8)
Finally, though, Dr. Kane found a volunteer, and on Tuesday morning, February 15th, the operation began. The patient was prepped and wheeled into the operating room. A local anesthetic was applied. And as Dr. Kane had done thousands of times before, he cut open the tissues and removed the appendix. The patient had only minor discomfort and recovered quickly, dismissed two days later.
Dr. Kane had proven his theory. Thanks to the willingness of a brave volunteer, Dr. Kane demonstrated that local anesthesia was an alternative, even a preferred alternative.

But I said there were two facts that made this surgery unusual. I've told you the first: the use of local anesthesia. The second unusual thing was the patient. The patient was Dr. Kane. You see, in order to prove his point, Dr. Kane operated on himself. The doctor became a patient in order to convince the patients to trust the doctor.
"Because He himself suffered when He was tempted, He is able to help those who are being tempted."(Hebrews 2:18) 
As unbelievable as that may seem, it is insignificant compared with what Jesus Christ did for us. The Great Physician voluntarily became one of us. He placed himself in our shoes. He left the glories of heaven to live on this earth as one of us -- to suffer our pains and feel our fears. Why? So that when you hurt, you will know that you have someone who understands - your Great Physician, and you will have confidence to go to him for healing.

He understands relationships. He was rejected by close friends. So, he understands when you have challenges with relationships. He knows what it means to grieve. He suffered the loss of close ones. He understands when you lose close ones and He is always beside you to comfort you. He was the son of a carpenter and he practiced carpentry. I believe he faced challenges with customers and suppliers. Are you going through challenges at work? Believe me, he understands. Whatever you are going through, He became human and went through it, so He can understand, He can comfort you and He can help you. What a saviour!


He is risen!!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Living In the Overflow

It happens almost daily. You routinely scroll through your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed, while having breakfast, in transit, or even while taking a restroom break. That’s when you see status updates, photos and videos of others doing things – doing great stuffs. They are sitting in business class lounges on their way out of the country, starting a MBA course in a top-class University, eating in expensive restaurants, showing off their new hairstyles, shoes, clothes and expensive wrist watches, celebrating love with their spouses - and all with perfectly filtered photographic evidences to show for it. You then start to ask yourself “Why not me”? “Why am I not doing these things”? “Why do I seem to be behind on my dreams compared to my friends and contemporaries”?

Do you wonder then that your personal (and perhaps social) life is not as robust as theirs? Do you think about how to achieve a seemingly elusive balance of living a Godly yet productive life, while remaining sane? I bet you do, and that’s why I am writing this piece.
The outcome of this can be serious – people overwork their bodies, overspend their monies, overdraw their credits, overload their emotions, overcrowd their days, and overvalue the opinion of others! 
You see, my friend, we all face these “tough scenarios” almost on a daily basis. The issue is how we react or respond to them. Most folks will not like to be left out, and they keep trying their best to keep up with the Joneses. The outcome of this can be serious – people overwork their bodies, overspend their monies, overdraw their credits, overload their emotions, overcrowd their days, and overvalue the opinion of others! As a result, they become overstressed, overanxious and overwhelmed. That is not a good place to be!

In the midst of our fast-paced life and the desire to keep up, how do you maintain your sanity? How do you live life in the overflow? How do you ensure that you are not overwhelmed, overstressed or overanxious? Let me offer a few tips/ advise that have been of tremendous help to me over the years, and especially in the last few months.

Stay Connected to Jesus, everyday

A cluster of grapes will eventually die once it is disconnected from the vine – no questions asked. It is just a matter of time. If you try to go through life on your own power, you are going to be overwhelmed. A vacuum cleaner (for example), cannot fulfil its purpose unless it is connected to a power source. In the same way, you cannot really fulfill your purpose without a constant connection with God. And you need to do this frequently and consistently to leverage its power. This involves spending time in God’s presence everyday – praying, worshiping and hearing from God (reading the scriptures) and obeying His leading.
A vacuum cleaner (for example), cannot fulfil its purpose unless it is connected to a power source. In the same way, you cannot really fulfill your purpose without a constant connection with God.
 Stop Grumbling and Start Being Grateful

Gratitude is the healthiest emotion. An attitude of gratitude positions you to enjoy life in the overflow and get rid of worry and anxiety. It releases the “feel good” hormones in the body. One study shows that making a list of 10 things you are grateful for makes you feel much better than before the exercise. I have since formed the habit of consistently writing a list of 10 things I am grateful for and discussing it with my wife and children. Just last night, at the dinner table, each of us talked about 2 things we are grateful for. We are grateful for health and for salvation. We are grateful for the gift of friends and family. We are grateful for provisions and for comfort. We are grateful for peace and tranquility in our home, and a lot more. What are you grateful for? May I challenge you to write your own list of 10 things that you are grateful for, and do it frequently? Better still, read it aloud to yourself. It is therapeutic.

Stop Comparing and Start Being Content

It is foolishness to compare yourself with others. I didn’t say this. The Bible did (2 Cor 10:12). Comparison really gets you in trouble. Many people have turned comparison into an indoor sport – we compare our shoes, we compare our degrees, we compare our cars, we compare our children, we compare our looks, we compare our careers, and even how green the lawn is. Comparison results in either of 2 outcomes. You find someone in life who seems to do doing a better job than you – and you get discouraged. You will find people who you seem to be better than – and you get full of pride. Heads or tail, you lose! Don’t do it. There is no other time in the history of the world where comparison is as big an issue as now. The social media drives this a lot. Everyone wants to share something, and others are checking themselves out versus this. Someone posts photos of her wedding, and others are grappling to follow and do much better! I encourage you to STOP this unhealthy habit. Learn to be grateful for all you’ve got, rather than concentrating on a few things that you don’t have…. yet. 

Stop Being Stingy and Start Being Generous

Stinginess is evidence of a shortage mentality – “I only have enough, and if I give it away, it will never be enough again!”. That is not the way the universe is wired. God is very generous and he wants us all to be like him. The more generous you are (with your time, with your money, with your compliments etc.), the more God is going to bless you. Do you know that the little gift of yours might be a major breakthrough for someone else? Listen, your heart grows bigger each time you give to someone else. There are too many people in our world holding on tightly to what they’ve got! That’s why they are overwhelmed – as all they think of is getting, and getting and getting a little more. How far can one go with that?

If you form a daily habit of doing these things, I guarantee that you will live life in the overflow, and enjoy abundant life.