Saturday, December 5, 2015

Advice 3: Be a Good Steward Of God’s Resources

Each time I read the parable of the talents (which we could call the parable of dollars in today’s language), I am always intrigued about its simplicity and completeness. That parable explains how God, the owner of all resources will want us to manage them.

Let me start from the lesson I hope to close with – you own nothing! You are just a steward over whatever you have today. And you will give account of how well or otherwise you utilize these resources for the good of the owner (not your own good). 

Stewardship is the faithful and efficient management of property or resources belonging to another, in order to achieve the owners’ objectives! Please note the last phrase, “in order to achieve the owners’ objectives.” And if you are a student of the Bible, you will understand that God’s ultimate objective is to bring glory to Himself. The question is then, are you bringing glory to God with all the resources that He has blessed you with? Or is the glory to yourself, and all for your needs, your accounts and all?

The best way to live life to fullest and be fulfilled is to deploy all the resources that God has placed in and around you, to the glory of His name, and for the “betterment” of mankind. You will need to utilize your time, your talents and your treasures for His glory, and His glory alone.
Every faculty you have, your power of thinking or of moving your limbs from moments to moment is given you by God. If you devoted every moment of your whole life exclusively to His service, you could not give Him anything that was not in a sense His own already                                                                                           C.S Lewis

This is one of the most important resources that God has blessed us with. Interestingly enough, it is also one of the most evenly distributed resources that we have. Every nation has 24 hours. Every individual, sinner or saint has 24 hours. You can’t buy more. You can’t bargain for more. Whatever you want to do must be done within the confines of these hours. Several people waste time, some others spend time, and only a few invest it. How do you spend this resource? Are you a good steward of it? What do you spend your best time doing? How much of it are you giving to God? How much of it are you giving to sleep? How much of it are you investing in personal development? How much is devoted to community service and to helping others? How much of it is spent in front of the TV and on the internet? Think about it.


I would need another post to fully dissect this one. One thing is very clear – if you show me your cheque book, I can tell a lot about you. What you do with your money (or treasures) says a lot about you and your value system. Is God at the very center of it all? Do you give to God? Listen, that money you have is not really yours. It belongs to God. He is only putting it under your stewardship and I hope you see it that way. And He is putting it under your stewardship for a purpose – to bring glory to himself. I know you have bills to pay and all that. And for sure you should – as it brings glory to God to pay your bills also. The point here is this – who is first? God or your needs? When you learn to honour God with your treasures, He blesses the rest and multiples it. If you cannot give to God, and to His causes here on earth, then, you have missed the reason why God blessed you with money. You have missed it big time.


God has deposited in you gifts, talents, abilities and skills. There is no one on earth who is not gifted in one special way or the other. Again, those special gifts and abilities are deposits from God. And they are to be used for His glory. If God has blessed with you a wonderful voice and you can sing, He expects that your voice and song should bring Him glory. If you are blessed with a special ability to organize, He expects that your ability will bring Him glory. You are a steward of these gifts and abilities, and the best way to deploy them will be for His glory. You’ll need to discover the special gifts of God in your life, you’ll then need to develop them, and deploy them as a good steward of His grace.

God has placed enormous resources at your disposal. Don’t forget the primary reason why He’s done that. It is for His glory. When you bring Him glory by being a good  steward of these resources, He sees to it that your life truly reflects glory. Wouldn’t you rather live that way?

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