Friday, June 21, 2013

God's Hall Of Fame II

I mentioned something that I hope you didn't miss in my last post. It is very common to hear comments about church services, bible studies and prayer meetings. " service was awesome today", " we really felt God's presence", and all these are common phrases used by Christians to qualify what they felt. My question was (and still is), when last did God said "that was good" after your worship? When last did he derive so much pleasure from your worship that He wished it would never end?May I suggest to you that God's favorite services are not the same as ours? Too many times, we come to God's presence only to get something from Him, and not to minster to Him. Psalm 103:1 still reads " Bless the Lord, O my soul" - but we often practice, " O my Lord, bless my soul". I believe this was what happened to Enoch in the Old testament. "And Enoch walked with God and he was not". Awesome isn't it? God so much enjoyed fellowship with this individual and they "gisted" so much until Enoch practically walked into heaven! May I tell you that God is still in search of such intimacy today?

When last did God said "that was good" after your worship?
 What qualifies people for God's hall of fame is not riches. It is not affluence. It has nothing to do with how many spiritual titles you bear or carry. It has nothing to do with how many years you have been serving the Lord. It is simply a heart of worship - a heart that is ready to pour itself out on the master with reckless abandon. It is a heart that is more interested in anointing the master, rather than looking for his anointing. I remember how much I sought for "the anointing" when I was growing up as a young Christian - several days of fasting and prayer, of waiting in God's presence and all that. There is nothing wrong with that by all means. However, little did I realize that God is also interested in anointers. He is interested in "being anointed". He is looking for those who will anoint Him in worship. This is what Mary Madgalene did that won her a place in God's hall of fame.

In Marks gospel, Chapter 14 and starting from verse 6, we are again introduced to the story of a true worshiper. She had earlier anointed the feet of Jesus in Simon's house (read the 1st part in my previous note), and was back to anoint Jesus shortly before His death. In this account, we were told she poured all the oil on the masters head. I don't want to get into the theology of whether the 2 accounts are one and the same or not. The point here is this - while others were with the Master for what they could get, a true worshiper was with Him for what she could give. We see Mary again, breaking her alabaster box and pouring out all it's content on the master. Interestingly enough, she got a lot of knocks for what she did from everyone present, including the disciples, except from someone - the master Himself, who was enjoying Her worship and taking pleasure in it. Their reaction to Mary's worship is worthy of mention - they were furious, indignant, and very angry. I do not know why. Isn't it the same today as it was then? True worshipers are labeled as wasters! In this busy and fast paced world, who wants to "waste time" worshiping, when you can use the time to be a blessing to the poor and minister to the needs of others? Wouldn't you rather minister to the masters needs? Think about that. The Masters reaction was quite different. He said " Why are you giving this woman a hard time? She has just done something wonderfully significant for me.........You can be sure that wherever in the world this message is preached , what she has just done is going to be remembered and admired." Need I say anything more?

The point here is this - while others were with the Master for what they could get, a true worshiper was with Him for what she could give.
 Even when the master was already dead and buried in the tomb, the story of a worshiper still continues! Mary still longed to anoint Jesus's body after he was long gone. This proves to us that she wasn't really after what she would get from this. The master couldn't do anything again now. All the others had long gone back to their homes and back to their work. But not a worshiper. Oh, the love of an anointer. I believe Jesus was really touched by this that He had to stop one more time to address this worshiper. He came so close to Mary that he had to warn her not to touch Him. The anointer was the last to leave Calvary and the 1st to arrive at the tomb. Again, when last did you have such an encounter with God? When last did you leave his presence, and God would be looking forward to you returning again for more?

Can we stop chasing shadows and focus on our true reason for existing - for He created us to worship Him. Are you a worshiper?

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